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  • Bentley Continental Flying Spur

    Bentley Continental Flying Spur

    Today's Continental Flying Spur is sheer excellence, combining Supercar performance with four-door practicality in a model that manages to be both exciting to drive and a cosseting place to relax.

    Every Bentley designed has that intoxicating blend of power and refinement and the Continental Flying Spur is no different.

    To download the fact sheet for this vehicle - CLICK HERE

    Number available to hire: 1.00

    Throughout the cabin, premium leather hides and the finest wood veneers combine on every surface to give a welcoming and contemporary environment for our passengers

    The classic Bentley design touches include unique speed treadplates, drilled sports pedals and a 3-spoke leather sports wheel.

    Number available to hire: 1.00

    With a prominent bonnet and sporting lines that flow from the front arches and speed towards the back of the car , the Continental Flying Spur's design pays homage to some of the great Bentleys of yesteryear; cars that even when standing still gave the apperance of roaring away into the distance.

    Number available to hire: 1.00

    Beneath its bonnet sits one of the world’s most advanced - and unique – 12-cylinder engines; a 552bhp (560 PS) 6 litre, twin turbocharged powertrain that can propel the car from standstill to 60mph in less than 5 seconds.

    Number available to hire: 1.00

    The cost of this limousine is based simply on the length of time each vehicle is away from it’s usual showroom at Nottingham.

    The Bentley Continental Flying Spur costs £349.00 for the first three hours and then £75.00 per hour thereafter.

    The car can seat up to 4 passengers including one in the front next to the driver.

    Basic Cost: £349.00

    Basic Hours: Three

    Additional Cost: £75.00

    To download the fact sheet for this vehicle - CLICK HERE

    Number available to hire: 1.00

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