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  • Rolls-Royce - Phantom II

    Rolls-Royce - Phantom II

    Production of the Phantom II ran from 1929 until 1936 and in total 1680 models were made.

    This vehicle was the last model which Henry Royce was directly involved with, and believed to be the last model where price really was no object.

    It was built by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in Derby and has a red insignia on the radiator shell.

    To download the fact sheet for this vehicle - CLICK HERE

    Number available to hire: 1.00

    files/llvh/Rolls-Royce Phantom II.pdfFinished in light blue leather with the traditional wood and chrome detailing, the level of luxury in the rear is quite remarkable. The rear seat will accomodate three if required, and a pair of occasional seats in front will take another two passengers.

    The rear compartment is seperated with a glass division, and a loud speaker for contacting the driver!

    Number available to hire: 1.00

    Hand finished blue over black coachwork with hand painted fine cream detailing lines, all doors are ’suicide’ or rear opening to allow for a more elegant entrance or exit from the running boards.

    The storage on the rear of the car contains a picnic hamper from Harrods, along with a drinks case with cut glass tumblers.

    Number available to hire: 1.00

    The 7.7 litre straight six engine came directly from its predecessor the ’New Phantom’, and was the last straight six Rolls engine to be produced. It is linked to a four speed gearbox without synchromesh, so changes up and down require double-declutching.

    It should return nearly 10 mpg meaning its 20 gallon tank can last for up to 200 miles under the right conditions.

    Number available to hire: 1.00

    The cost of this vehicle is based simply on the length of time each vehicle is away from it’s usual garage at Nottingham.

    The Rolls-Royce Phantom II costs £499.00 for the first three hours and then £100.00 per hour thereafter.

    The car can seat up to five passengers including one in the front next to the driver.

    Basic Cost: £499.00

    Basic Hours: Three

    Additional Cost: £100.00 Per hour

    To download the fact sheet for this vehicle - CLICK HERE

    Number available to hire: 1.00

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