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  • Bentley - Birkin

    Bentley - Birkin

    Built on the Bentley Brooklands these limousines are to our own design and specification, and seat six in the rear in full comfort.

    The limousines sport matching registration numbers 1 VVO and VVO 1, which are somewhat reminiscent of the 1 WO and WO 1 see on the vehicles of Bentley Motors Ltd and W. O. Bentleys family.

    To download the fact sheet for this vehicle - CLICK HERE

    Number available to hire: 3.00

    Designed to accomodate seven passengers, three in the rear, three in the middle, and one next to the driver, everyone has ample head and leg room even for a bride in a large dress. The carpets are contrasting black with grey trim, and the headlining is in cream.

    Number available to hire: 3.00

    Georgian silver paintwork with delicate twin black fine lines iss the matching finish of all three of our Birkin Limiusines. Each car has a ’Flying B’ affixed to the bonnet, matching alloy wheels, and sporting twin headlamps.

    Number available to hire: 3.00

    The Birkin Limousine is powered by the traditional six-and-three-quarter litre V8. It has been modified over the years and appears in our vehicles as an electronically fuel injected system, with active ride suspension, ABS and even a light turbo charger on the latest models.

    The engine develops in the region of 400bhp, and is electronically limted at 155mph.

    Number available to hire: 3.00

    The cost of each limousine is based simply on the length of time each vehicle is away from it’s usual garage at Mansfield Woodhouse.

    The Bentley Birkin Limousine costs £299.00 for the first three hours and then £75.00 per hour thereafter.

    The cars can each seat up to seven passengers including one in the front next to the driver.

    Basic Cost: £299.00

    Basic Hours: Three

    Additional Cost: £75.00

    To download the fact sheet for this vehicle - CLICK HERE

    Number available to hire: 3.00

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